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   I often forget that I was an attorney.  After three years of practicing in New York, I switched directions and headed South to earn my masters in painting from the University of Georgia.  I have never looked back.

     I am now a full professor of drawing and painting at Kennesaw State University, located north of Atlanta.  I paint and draw daily.

     For the past four years , I have been selected as a Finalist in the ARC Annual Salon.  In 2016 one of my works was awarded 1st place in the Portrait Society of America Landscape Competition.   My work has been featured on the cover of International Artist Magazine.  A few years ago American Artist Magazine published a feature about my work and process and The Artist Magazine select me as artist of the month.

     I am a traditional realist and so I never project or trace an image. 

     The people and places I paint are guided by a philosophy which sees life as incredibly precious and fleeting, and that, through art, the beauty of certain moments can be immortalized.  I am attracted to images which have a distinctive sense of light and which hint at the layering of modern and historic elements.  The times within which we live are just a tiny piece of a much bigger picture.  I see that tiny piece as containing some universal ideas about life and beauty which I hope are reflected in my art.   




Kemp Remillard is my son and an amazing  artist based in Berlin.  He is working on his 5th STARWARS Cross-section book. Google "Starwars Kemp Remillard".

Munroe d'Antignac is a friend and an amazing realist artist based in Atlanta.

"Beauty will save the World" , Dostoyevsky