I was raised on a dairy farm in Upstate New York.  My initial career decision was to become an attorney. I did just that and practiced for three years in New York.  During those three years I did a lot of soul searching, decided to retire from law, moved to Georgia and  began to pursue a degree in art.  Within two years, I had earned a masters degree in painting from the University of Georgia.


Since 1997 I have been a professor of painting at Kennesaw State University (located near Altanta). I am currently represented in Atlanta by Mason-Murer Fine Arts. Articles about my work have appeared in International Artist Magazine, American Artist Magazine , and The Artist's Magazine.


I love what I paint. Really.  For me to  love it, it needs to be beautiful.  It needs to be precious.  Having spent a great deal of time in Italy, I am attracted to  the beauty of its different periods of history layered one atop the other.  It's just cool seeing a Fiat parked on a cobblestone street next to a 400-year-old palazzo.    Back in the US, I find the contemporary urban landscape particularly beautiful when viewed as a part of the natural world.  I am awed that man’s ingenuity has created gravity-defying skyscrapers.  They are our modern-day temples. The juxtaposition of nature and contemporary society is a re-occurring theme in my work.


My art is a form of CLEAR  REALISM.  On one level, clear realism  represents the type of visual condition which I find most beautiful: clear, unambiguous light. On an even deeper level it represents my life’s philosophy which values beauty, clarity of ideas, and reason.


My paintings are quite selfish. I paint them to give me pleasure, not only pleasure during the creation process, but pleasure in looking at them again and again. They freeze time like no photograph or video can ever do. I joke that they are a CUP-OF-JOE for the soul.